Sunday, December 07, 2008


In The News

The Kashmir Connection: A Puzzle New York Times on April 23, 2006, Osama bin Laden seemed to signal an open alliance with groups like Lashkar, and their goals. He issued a proclamation denouncing “a Crusader-Zionist-Hindu war against Muslims.” He referred to the United States, Israel and India in the statement ..... no one knows if this attack was the start of something new.
Obama Pledges Public Works on a Vast Scale New York Times
Kennedy Is Said to Cast Her Eye on Senate Seat
New York Times
US senators says Pakistan will act
The Associated Press
Terrorist SIM card trail leads to Kolkata
Times of India
White House Memo Bush, On His Way Out, Leads Way in for Others
New York Times
Decoy fails to deploy, but missile test called 'success'
CNN International
Report Debunks Theory That US Heard a Coded Warning About Pearl Harbor
New York Times
Applause from every side as Obama picks all-star team
Financial Times

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