Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blac For Obama

December 10, 11, 16, 18

December 11
7:30 - 10:30pm
Nightingale Lounge
213 Second Ave.
Northwest corner of 13th St. and 2nd Ave.

This was the best political event I have been to in the past month and a half. I liked the L train stop. There were groups like South Asians For Obama, and Latinos For Obama involved. I met many old timers, a whole bunch of people from back in the days. Considering I have been one of the earliest Obama volunteers in the city. And I met many new people.

Dave Pollak showed up around 10, gave a quick talk - he wants the Obama people to take over the state party, and was promptly out. I guess he came from the nearby DL21C party, and went right back there. The Holiday Bash is one of the two top events for that organization.

I was with two Madhesis in Jackson Heights right before the event. It was a good talk. We had samosa and momo.

I felt real comfortable at this event. You could feel the grassroots vibe.

Charles - Mr. President- is like I heard you got into a fight with Tracey, did you talk to her? My sister also confused the two women, one a Will Smith, another the Denzel Washington of young progressive women in Manhattan. I did not get into a fight, I think I got hammered. And there is lingering anxiety. There is the court date, the court order, and even if those two go away on the 18th, I still will face a few questions. I am sure emails from Leah will pop up listing progressive events in the city, some will be DL21C events. And I might be like, do I want to go, should I go? Even if the legal barrier is gone, if it is gone, I am still going to ask a social question. I might point blank ask ERC, "Are you uncomfortable I am here?" If the answer is yes, I would then no longer go to DL21C events for social reasons.

I am in a mood to go to few political events as possible in the first place. I might go to some select Obama events. I need to focus more on my work, and less on politics.

I met an interesting array of people. One 31 year old Desi woman said she wanted to travel, never wanted to have kids, a half Chinese, half white California woman, journalist for Village Voice, this Hispanic guy who expressed interest in my company whose wife ran Latinos For Obama, some Indian guys.

Lamont Carolina is just the coolest Obama volunteer. Theresa and Nina, the two dynamo Indian women. A lot of old time volunteers gave me knowing smiles.

The grassroots movement is very much on. There will be highs and lows, but the movement will go on.

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