Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18 Court Date

So I showed up in court. Youngblood showed up fashionably late. But that's okay. I was enjoying the court proceedings. When they process you, it takes them but a few minutes. But you go through this enormous anxiety for a long period of time before that, for days, weeks. There is so much anxiety at some level you wish it will take them at least half an hour to process you. But it does not.

I learned the original harassment charge was dropped not by ERC but the city, "for lack of prosecutorial evidence." New York City, the first hometown I ever had. That changes things. There was an ERC lawyer in court today. I think she was pushing for something called "ACD." I am not going to try to figure out what that stands for. I said, nah, I want the case dismissed now. Her proposal was to extend the whole drama by six months. I don't got that kind of time. White woman lawyer, white woman judge. The judge obviously knew my state appointed attorney. They must be doing regular business. Youngblood is real comfortable with me. I don't think he thinks I am a threat to anybody. Einstein would conduct thought experiments. My thought experiment has been, I have never had a violent thought about ERC, not before the six months, not during, not after. What is this protection business? I guess it falls in the personal space department. It is not violence or the possibility, but a claim of personal space. That's okay by me. I am real big on personal space myself.

Voluntary Pledge
  • I have decided not to mention ERC at this blog going into the future.
  • I have decided not to show up for DL21C events. Even after it might no longer be illegal for me to show up.
January 5 Court Date

The judge gave me a new court date and a temporary order of protection. I have been led to believe that is the day when this drama comes to an end.

Youngblood's ERC advice to me: "She does not exist." I get it. He is the professional. I hear you.

Political Implications

I never got excited about local politics. I think I am going to stay with my first choice, which is to stay focused with the Obama presidency, most of that is going to be digital. I am going to show up for select Obama events in town. And that's it.


It is not a career switch at all. Internet access is the voting right for the 21st century. That is going to be enough preoccupation for the next 30 years. My plate is full.

I need to go to extremely few political events to start with. My work asks for that.


This might be like finally leaving Indiana behind. In NYC, you leave nothing behind. The Pahadis are still here, the Kentucky and Indiana folks are still here.

Retail Politics

I don't have the thing for retail politics. Ugh, all that handshaking. Sluggish action.


That has to be my full time preoccupation.

No Countersue

I still have no desire to countersue for the bogus court order violation charge. I just want this thing to come to an end. That is all. January 5. Okay, that is it.

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