Friday, December 26, 2008

Switching Mode

Brunch With Adam Carson

During the six months I felt the emotional presence of my sister first and foremost. And I also felt Adam's presence. And there were people in the Nepali community. Anil and Chandra would meet up with my Nepali lawyer to express concern. Binod Shah had me stay at his house after I got out. He is the most connected-among-Madhesis Madhesi in New York Metro. My brother-in-law bailed me out. My high school alumni association's North America's chapter founder, classmate Kiran also wrote a letter.

Adam was a top Web 2.0 person at Morgan Stanley. My job is to get him to drop out of business school when the startup can afford to have him full time. I feel like I compete with Facebook in having him with me full time, by my side, working, dreaming of billions, Facebook and perhaps some consulting company in NYC. For me personally it is not about the money, it is about the vision statement.

Madhesi, Jewish

There are some overlaps, and then there are not. Jesus was a Jew. Buddha was a Madhesi. There are about 13 million Jews and Madhesis on the planet, 13 million each. The Jews got their own state, Israel. We Madhesis are working to get our own state in a federal Nepal.

But there is a direct connection between Jesus and anti-Semitism. The Holocaust at some level was the Jews getting blamed for killing Jesus. There is no direct connection between Buddha and the anti-Madhesi prejudice in Nepal. We have nothing even remotely close to the Holocaust in our heritage.

Both Madhesis and Jews are good looking people.

Two Cases: Immigration, Criminal

And to think there were people back in 2000, 2001 who thought I should go to Law School. The legal process is not creative enough for me. It feels like people using clever words to keep bothering you.

The immigration case is exactly where I want it at this point.

January 5

I want the criminal charge drama to come to an end on January 5. I am in talks with a criminal lawyer. But on my own I have thought up of something. I have no desire to go down the spiral of lawsuits and counter lawsuits. And fuck Charlie Rangel. I want to spend some time thinking about Caroline Kennedy, not Charlie Rangel. He should meet me in the halls and galleries of history if he can. I really don't have any desire to meet him in court. At some level I feel plain sorry for the guy.

Voluntary Pledge
  • Not mentioning the ERC name at this blog going into the future.
  • Not showing up for DL21C events.
Quiet Pledge
  • Not mentioning the name of any NYC young progressive at my blog going into the future.
  • Not going to political events in general.

I need to focus on the startup like a laser beam. That is the only way to take it to the heights I wish to take it to. Showing up for political events made sense when I was doing Nepal and Obama work. Both are behind me. I am a crisis man. When Nepal was in crisis, I was needed. When it was not at all obvious Barack is that man, I was needed. No more. Nepal is on track. Barack is in office.

I already stole six months from the startup. Three hours at a political event is three hours stolen away from the startup.

An Hour Or Two For Barack On Saturdays

Instead of first thing in the morning every morning, I do want to continue following Barack through Google News, but now I want to limit myself to an hour or two on Saturdays.

Five to six days a week it has to be, get up, workout, and devote the day to the startup.

Get A Life

Work and life. Taking better care of me. Making conscious chunks of time for family and friends. Working hard, living well, having fun. More me time.

No Career Switch

The startup work is going to be intense fun. It does not feel like a career switch. Internet access is the voting right for this 21st century. I never imagined myself a legislator. An executive office like the presidency fascinates me. The startup might be closer to my personality. Action.

Life: Part 2

This feels like life, part 2.


I think I am going to end up writing 1000 pages. So it might be quite a few months before it is out online. It is going to be experimental, nontraditional. The online format is going to have a major impact on its form and content, on its style. It might be blunt and detailed.

Plenty Of Fish

First time I heard of this site. I am surprised considering it has become so big.

Working Out

I relish the freedom of the freehand routines. And I am proud of my achievements so far. My body has sharper contours. It has been fleshing out nice. 600 pushups on Mondays and Thursdays, 600 crunches on Tuesdays and Fridays, 600 situps on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I don't know how the ancients kept track of the week.

Creative Guy

I am primarily a creative, not a combative guy. Combat is for once in a while. Creativity is for every single day. My hero Larry Ellison says he thinks of competitors as people who are trying to steal grains of rice from his children's teeth. Time for combat will come. Capitalism has its creative destructions.

Near Death

I once got into a real bad road accident in upstate New York. That was a near death experience. There was another incident in northern Texas that was a near death experience. The six months fall in that category, very literally, in a few different ways. On to life, part two. Appreciate the air, appreciate the water, appreciate.

Katie Halper's Night

I hope I did not give the impression that Katie made fun of the Holocaust for two hours and I laughed for two hours. That is not what happened. She dealt with all sorts of themes she has been cultivating over her stand up career. It is just that once in a while she would touch upon the Holocaust as a topic as in, it is okay to talk about it, it is okay to even find a few comic twists, and, people, maintain perspective, what about Hiroshima, Nagashaki, Darfur, Rwanda, the Armenians? Most of the two hours were comics making fun of the Jewish identity like Jon Stewart makes fun of his Jewish identity on national television.

January 5 Court Date: Bogus Court Order Violation Charge

9:30 AM, Part C
100 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

2008 NY 040082

Hello Mr. Harris. Rudra mentioned your name back in July when I was in immigration detention. Ms. Elizabeth Caputo charged me with harassment. That triggered a May 13 deportation order because I was out of status. I was arrested for overnight on May 21. On May 22 I was ordered by a city judge to not contact her and was given a court date of June 4. A week later I showed up at the police station to pick up my wallet from night one of arrest. They arrested me again for a court order violation charge - bogus. On May 28 the judge refused the court order violation charge, refused "the people's" request for a $500 bail and let me go, and bundled the two cases. I showed up in court on June 4. Immigration got me. I spent six months in detention. Rudra got me out.

The city long ago dropped the original harassment charge "for lack of prosecutorial evidence." The court order violation charge is based on her claim that I ccd an email to her that I sent to two friends. That simply is not true. Please go to this page to see an image of the email yourself.

Lingering Detail: December 18

Ms. Caputo made a knowingly false charge.

Charlie Rangel's office got involved early on. That office pressured the NYPD to register a charge that should never have been registered for long enough that I would get deported. Could Rangel be sued for that?

Since her court order violation charge is completely false, can I countersue and make her pay for my legal expenses? Your fees? How does this work?

Can someone seek an order of protection against me for no reason? How does that work? Or if the case does get thrown out, does the order of protection vanish? Would I then be able to go to political events put together by her organization? I might not want to on my own, and it might not be wise, but would it be legal for me to go to those events?

I don't really want to get into a fight. But I want to know of all my options, upto and including suing Rangel?

She is a very talented woman. At one time we respected each other much. We have also liked each other a few times, although nothing happened. That complicates things. What I want is I want the legal mess to come to an end. I don't want to hurt her. I don't want to go after her. I just want things to get normalized.

Maybe you can call up her lawyer and try for an out of court settlement. Is that even an option?

Bringing The Criminal Charge Drama To An End: A Potential Lawsuit

Is it possible she never knew about my deportation order of May 13? As in the NYPD would not tell her about it? How does that work?

One way this could end is I would pledge to (a) not mention her at my blog going into the future, and (b) not show up for her DL21C events. But this would be a voluntary pledge, and she would not push for an order of protection. And of course she would drop the court order violation charge and pay your fee. And I would not sue Rangel.

Please talk to her lawyer and see what our options are. And what is your fee? Can it be paid in installments?

December 22, 2008

December 26, 2008

Hello James. It was good to talk to you even though you are in Wyoming. This is the latest.

I want this whole thing to come to an end on January 5. I don't want to have to spend a single minute on this after January 5. I just want to be able to focus on my work and my life.

Will a voluntary pledge to (a) no longer mention ERC at my Barackface blog going forward, and (b) not show up for DL21C events do it? On my own I am also going to make a quiet pledge to myself: (a) to not mention young progressives in NYC in general at my blog, and (b) to avoid political events in the city in general. The quiet pledge is meant to help me focus on my tech startup like a laser beam.

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