Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Katie Halper's Big Night: Ha Ha Hanukkah Aachhoo

Hitler would have loved to be dictator of New York, he would have had a limitless supply of Jews. (Okay, okay, before you throw me back to jail. Katie Halper spent all evening yesterday making fun of the Holocaust. Get her first.)

I started out laughing and hooting and hollering and clapping so hard, I realized I was drawing as much attention from the small, intimate audience as Katie herself, who was on stage performing, and also Katie's attention, so I really had to restrain myself for the next two hours. No clapping, quieter belly laughing. I might still have scared Katie's dad who happened to be sitting next to me, but that is okay. When the lights were on he came across as an understanding man. It is not like we talked or anything. I mean, before the show started I did not realize he was Katie's dad or I would have at least said hello. He was reading this big, thick, picturesque book called Indian Ink. That right there is an open minded Jew. (Okay, every comic made fun of the Jewish identity. So go figure.)

Justin Krebs started out. But he was not funny. He looked like he just woke up after a day of sleep, and he had not even washed his face. You could see sleep marks on his face. That is not funny.

Katie would perform, then give the stage to someone else, then perform, then repeat. She processed about a half dozen other comics that way. Katie Halper, Power Woman. During the final half hour, at one point, she confronted Justin Krebs. He was the technician sitting in front of his elaborate grid, I guess he flashed. I did not see, but he must shown her some kind of a light. She said, I know my time is up, but I am "speaking truth to power" and she continued for another 15 minutes. She was speaking to power, White Male Justin Krebs.

From the first time I have seen Katie perform I have been like, this is a thickly intellectual comic. So I am glad she at one point mentioned Woody Allen. That guy is also thickly intellectual. Katie must be doing a lot of homework. It is possible to laugh nonstop during Katie's performance. It is intellectual tickle.

Katie is Jewish. Negin is Arab. They act like they get along. But I think they are faking it. At one point Katie did make fun of Negin's "glasses." I noticed.

I have been in this city three years. To me the Jews of New York are like distant, badass cousins you always heard of but never met until now. The Jews remind me of Texans. I have been to all 48 states. Texans talked like Texas were another country. There was such a strong state identity. The Jewish identity really matters to Jews. It is like half of them got wiped out, and the other half multiplied for half a century to finally make up for the loss. The pain of the Holocaust makes for an intense emotional intelligence. And, by the way, Cuomo played foul with Spitzer. I am glad Caroline not Cuomo will be Senator.

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