Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drinking Liberally Holiday Party

This past Thursday was the Drinking Liberally Holiday Party. There are so many of these Holiday parties all over town. That same evening Manhattan Young Democrats had one not far from Rudy's, I later learned. If I had known, I would have made it to both parties. I promised Al a long time ago that I would show up for some of his events.

I went train hopping before the party. Actually I was not even planning to show up. I went train hopping. And then I decided, what the heck, it might be fun, so I showed. It is quite something to watch people at the bigger train stations. It is also nice and warm.

I got myself a bottle of Budweiser. I stick to one drink.

The way they do the tent in the backyard is it is all warm up there, and it is like you got your feet in the snow. Not exactly in the snow, but it is cold. Used to be different two years back. It used to be all warm. Or is that selective memory at work?

Paul and Hew are friends. Paul is a real fun guy, this was his first time at Drinking Liberally. Born and raised in New York, he said. I went to school in Kentucky, one day I went to church, and the people at church are like, can we call you Paul? I said. No, you can't call me Paul, I said. Hey, come on, Paul is a nice name, says Paul.

Hew started Reading Liberally. Both are lawyers, one a construction attorney, another a bankruptcy attorney. Hew pointed Josh out and said, "He is a real smart guy."

This woman said "Justin knows me really well." She is a regular. I have seen her a few times. I bet most people under the tent felt that way. Justin knows me real well. That is why I try not to feel too special when that guy says hello. I am one in a million.

I like Drinking Liberally. I like it how it is so casual. Although once in a while Justin Krebs gets up on a chair and starts speaking in a loud voice like he were Julius Caesar. He did at the party. Countrymen, comrades, People, People, People. Why do only the DC people get to have it? We are also going to have an inauguration ball. 20 bucks.

Much later after that speech, I bumped into him for a few seconds. I gently touched his belly. Looks like someone is trying to grow a beer belly, I said. He snuck it in quick. Me? Belly? What? He does not have much of one, I was just playing with the Drinking Liberally theme. You would think the top guy in the organization would drink a lot. He probably does.

Aaron is the coolest guy. I really dig Aaron. He was there. I just find him so funny. Every other thing he says I find funny. I have asked some people, is it just me, or is he really that funny? We chatted briefly. He was not there long.

Hello Stephanie. Hello Brooke. Hello Katrina. Hello "Russian wife." Hello Russian wife's American husband.

JD. We have met before, I said to him. Yeah, it's been months, he said. I know, I thought, long months.

The best part about Drinking Liberally is that it happens every Thursday. And you don't have to go to this or that website to find out. I mean, it's Thursdays. And it is just so casual. People don't even talk politics half the time. It is just whoever talking whatever.

I met a guy who said he had been a bike messenger. I am like, wow. Apparently it is big business in town. When corporate types want something delivered like now, they use bike messengers. A friend of mine was part of this dot com called Kozmo. They used bikers to deliver pizza and movies. The company made a lot of news and went down. I moved to New York, he moved to DC around the same time. I am like, wow, you don't need a car here. He was like, wow, finally I can have a car.

I was so taken by the bike messenger talk. This woman standing next to him is like, well, I am an archeologist. It is like Indiana Jones. And also Sex And The City, sometimes I have to give presentations.

Stephanie Hausner showed up. The first thing she ever said to me was, hey, you are my Facebook friend. That was over a year ago at a debate watch party. I liked her saying that. She is the Secretary to the Young Democrats Of America. She said she had a fan club, "all guys." Later at home I checked out her Facebook profile. She is now Campaign Manager to someone running for the State Senate. I thought that was rather cool. I am really impressed.

Paul Newell sounded drunk. He said he had been to a few parties with a few more to go.

Rabbi Ben Dot Com showed up with a stunning girlfriend. It was like Lewis Cohen at that Obama event in January. I am like, wow, this guy is going places. It was Ben, Stephanie and a whole bunch of MYD types. I really wished I had gone over to their party. And this guy from Queens, we bumped fists. I believe he runs the Young Democrats there. There was a Kate. I inquired about Kristina. She said she was at grad school. Kristina did turn MYD into the top chapter in the country.

Come to think of it I saw both Al and Ben at that Bill Thompson party from not long back where the dude totally turned around on me because I was in jeans. Looks like Bloomberg might win reelection. Blacks can be Mayor in most cities in America. But this is the only town where a Jewish guy can. Plus that guy takes $1 in salary. (At The Bill Thompson Penthouse: Elvis Sighting) I appreciated seeing Al and Ben. I like them both a whole lot. They are both good guys, good heart.

I saw the DFNYC Heather. She brushed past twice. I said hey. I thought she was looking great.

At the end of the day I was so glad I showed up. I had a happiness buzz after I left, not a drink buzz.

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