Monday, December 08, 2008

Lingering Detail: December 18

I just got back from the New York Defender Services office near City Hall. By the way as of today I also got a new cellphone. I wanted to know if the court order from May, June was still in place, so I would know which political events to avoid. The clerk Wendy confirmed the original harassment charge has been dropped. But the second court order violation charge has not been dropped, she said. Stay away from her, she said. I very much will, I said. She also told me I had a court date on December 18 for that second charge. I am so glad I know. I did not know I had a court date. Missing a court date is a serious offense in its own right. Now I know not to miss.

My immigration court date is currently set for December 16 in Chicago. But my lawyer has filed the paperwork to get the venue shifted to New York. I have been led to understand change of venue would mean my next immigration court date would be a few months away in New York.

The whole court order violation charge is based on the claim that this email above was ccd to ERC. That just is not true. All I have to do is print out this email. By the way I still don't know which person between Justin and Tracey forwarded the email to her. I don't want to know.

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I don't understand the thinking behind dropping the iffy harassment charge, but not dropping the bogus court order violation charge. Either it is a trick to get me to think the whole thing is over so I would show up for a DL21C event which would generate a call to the cops, and then not even Allah can save you. Or it is an invitation to countersue. I am not interested in either. I just want this whole legal mess to come to an end, I just want this whole thing to go away. That is all I want.

Wendy told me the court order violation charge will be "dropped" on December 18. But then John Youngblood had me believe the whole thing will "go away" on "June 4." Now I know better. Now I know by "the whole thing" he meant my person. (June 4, 2008 Court Appearance: Prepared Statement: Final Draft) The question I face is, do I stick with my court appointed attorney, or do I get a private attorney? My fancy immigration lawyer Rudra has a fancy criminal lawyer friend - white guy - and so maybe I should seek Rudra's advice on this one. The last thing I want to happen on December 18 is for a guilty verdict to come my way with clear evidence to the contrary. Once the system grabs you, it lies to you every step of the way with abandon. You get told repeatedly it is not about justice, and the facts, it is about power, you don't got no power. Like a female guard said at Varick, "You all, you don't got no rights, or you would not be here."

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