Friday, December 12, 2008

I Like The Caroline Kennedy Name

She is a Kennedy, but she is no spoilt child. She endorsed Barack at a point in the primary when I was not all that sure we will win. We won Iowa. Hillary won New Hampshire. It looked like it could go either way. She is smart. She has been in public service. She is not going to feel a downstate person to the upstate people. White woman for white woman. I don't like the idea of a male, any male, filling up Hillary's seat. There are few women in the US Senate as is. We need more not less women up there. I am not at all worried about the 2010 and 2012 elections. She will win both easy. She will raise money easy. She will travel across the state easy. Caroline, you got Barack, we got you. I like the Kennedy connection. I was not around when JFK was around. But I am around when Barack is around. Barack is JFK for the 21st century. Malia and Sasha might like a family friend in town who also was in the White House when really young.

JFK was in a boat with Caroline and a FDR son. The sharks are hungry, throw your socks to the sharks, JFK said to the FDR son. The FDR son complied and took his socks off and threw them into the water. Young Caroline was impressed.

She can more than do the job. She can more than win elections. And she brings along a load of name and charisma and glamor. She is a really famous person who is really grounded.

I think I am for Caroline Kennedy for Senator from New York.

In The News

Could Caroline Kennedy Be in Line for Hillary Clinton’s Senate Seat? U.S. News & World Report In the way that Hillary is kind of a policy wonk, she is kind of a nonprofit wonk." She has helped to raise $350 million for New York Schools, among other causes. .... an attractive woman with brains—she's no Sarah Palin ...... this habitué of the Upper East Side ...... "Getting selected is up to one man," he says, "but getting elected is up to millions of people." .... has endured high-profile family tragedies and, this friend says, remained grounded, beloved, and a "class act." .... she's grown up under klieg lights—she has never become a diva. She is a warm and caring and thoughtful and nice, nice person .... With a 24-karat name and sterling reputation, she can pick up the phone and make big things happen. ..... a pal in the White House and an uncle poised to tutor her
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A Newly Circumspect Cuomo’s Senate Tap Dance New York Times his highly public and acrimonious divorce from Ms. Kennedy’s cousin Kerry Kennedy, who has been prominently suggesting that Caroline Kennedy would be an excellent choice. ..... After aggravating Mr. Paterson and his advisers over what they saw as his unsubtle angling for the seat, Mr. Cuomo has been trying as hard as he can these days to appear as if he does not want the job....... Mr. Cuomo’s careful treading on the subject is evidence to some who know him well that he does indeed want the seat
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Intel Brings WiMAX-ready Notebooks To India mid-2009. ... upcoming 4G WIMAX networks. .... The initial focus will be on 2.3 and 2.5 GHz devices. Companies will be joined by the Open Patent Alliance and other important ecosystem members to determine device needs, timelines, testing and interoperability plans and collaborate on cost reduction programs for fixed, portable and mobile devices. .... more than 27.5 million broadband internet users in India by 2012.
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