Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Insurance Companies Need To Cut Paper, Americans Need To Cut Fat

Obesity is not genetic. Democracy does not mean Americans are free to kill themselves. No advances in science, in medicine, no health sector reform, no additional dollar amount spent on health care in the country, none of that will compensate for the fact that Americans need to eat right, sleep plenty, and exercise.

Just like the insurance companies need to adopt information technology to cut costs and to better perform, American citizens are going to need to make fundamental lifestyle changes. If the obesity levels in America were to go down to 1980 levels, this country would save a trillion dollars a year. Obama could afford a trillion dollar stimulus package every year. Bush could afford a trillion dollar war every year. This is not pocket change, folks.

JFK killed the hat industry in this country by simply refusing to wear a hat. It helps that President Obama works out every day, and the First Lady works out every other day. Maybe the president ought to work out in public to set an example.

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