Monday, December 29, 2008

Independent For Bloomberg

Barackface: Jesse Jackson On Martin Luther King Boulevard

Towards the end of the Jesse Jackson event, one elderly volunteer kept emphasizing upon me the point that it was okay to take Bloomberg's money if he gives ...
I rooted for Fernando Ferrer when he ran for Mayor. One day I found myself in the Bronx, and this old, Hispanic dude approached me and said in all earnesty: "Take Bloomberg's money if he gives it to you, just don't do the work!"

I don't know what he saw in me but apparently he knew me better than I knew me back then. It helped that Bloomberg who changed from Democrat to Republican changed from Republican to Independent.

I am declaring myself an Independent for Bloomberg. He will win a third term easy.
  • He is a billionaire. I am going to be a billionaire.
  • He is Mayor. I am a bigger political talent than him.
  • He is Jewish, Jesus was a Jew. I am a Madhesi, Buddha was a Madhesi.
  • He has been a very good Mayor.
  • He is for Caroline Kennedy for US Senate. So am I.
  • He is no Michael Corleone, he is Michael Bloomberg. I am Barackface.
I am an Independent for Bloomberg.

I am an Independent for Barack.

I am an Independent for Biden.

I am an Independent for Bobby.

I am Bhagat.

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Anonymous said...

wow. you really believe you know the reality of nepal and india while living in the USA? stop being a hypocrite. you know you are.