Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump’s Chances?

Trump is brazen and unedited. His policy pronouncements are often contradictory; they flow from a narcissistic media manipulator with no clear underlying ideology. He is exactly how you would imagine an opportunistic, aggressive and egotistic entrepreneur to behave in a political arena.

Never before has mainstream media been so unreservedly and completely biased against one presidential candidate, which explains why Trump could still win. Polls have proven to be inaccurate with two highly unpopular candidates, so undecided voters will swing the election. Voters could very well revolt against the unrelenting stream of media vitriol.

Voters in a democracy can unexpectedly vote for Brexit, Colombians can reject the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia deal 

Do not underestimate the electorate’s ability to overturn the establishment’s best-laid plans and spring their version of a brutal practical joke on a sick political system.

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