Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate 2

Trump tried to dismiss his sexist talks as "just locker room talk.... just words." These were words spoken in the most public of places, during media appearances. The glass ceiling Hillary is trying to break is made of precisely such words. Words matter.

In 2000 Rick Lazio invaded Hillary Clinton's personal space once. In 2016 the count is again one. There was this one time Trump did not invade Hillary Clinton's personal space. Call 911.

'Gorilla' Trump Accused of 'Stalking' Clinton on Stage

Horror Movie

Run, Hillary, Run

Hillary Clinton's Lead Grew to 11 Points After Lewd Video, Before Debate, in WSJ Poll

I get the impression women are about to break decisively in Hillary Clinton's direction. The first female president thing was an abstract concept. But Trump’s sexist, vile remarks and horrendous body language during debate 2 is as concrete as it gets. I don't see how any woman is going to struggle with those.

Currently Hillary is on schedule to beat Trump by 15 points. That is what I am looking at.

I don't expect him to drop out. He would not do such a loser thing.

CNN poll: 57 percent of viewers say Clinton won the debate - POLITICO


Donald Trump’s "I will jail her" comment makes him someone aspiring to be a Third World third rate dictator.

Debate 2 Video

A US presidential debate a high school civics class should be able to watch together. None of the Trump debates pass that test. But this one was a new low. You had to be shameless to watch it. I watched it shamelessly.

The second presidential debate: Donald Trump threatens to lock up Hillary Clinton | The Economist

When she expressed relief that someone with a temperament like his was not in charge of the law, he said, “Because you’d be in jail.”

If that exchange took place in a foreign country, American diplomats would be denouncing it. It ought to be regarded as the evening’s most important moment, and its most shameful: the violation of a democratic principle that distinguishes free polities from authoritarian ones.

If Mr Trump’s predicament at the start of the debate was parlous, Mrs Clinton’s was delicate. Debating him in this mood is a bit like negotiating with Russia’s foreign minister. He confronted her with “an absolute avalanche of falsehoods”, as she put it afterwards, the lies superseding each other so relentlessly that addressing all of them would have been impossible. In effect he invited her to take a roll in the gutter with him—inadvisable, as Marco Rubio can testify. Stoop down or back down, the thug’s perennial one-two: whatever response she mounted, the terms were set by him. 

it was a telling, lamentable milestone in America’s politics. Mr Trump had already shattered taboos surrounding decency, honesty and intellectual incoherence. With his threats against Mrs Clinton he took a step down a dark road that should frighten every American.

Poll: After Trump Tape Revelation, Clinton's Lead Up to Double Digits - NBC News

And among all registered voters, Clinton's lead is 13 points, her largest advantage over Trump since the poll began testing the pair last September.

Forty-nine percent of voters say they'd like to see Democrats in power on Capitol Hill, compared to 42 percent who chose the GOP.

That's up from a three-point advantage for Democrats (48 percent to 45 percent) last month, and it's the largest advantage for Democrats since the October 2013 government shutdown.

Post-Debate Polls Say Hillary Clinton Crushed Donald Trump For A Second Time

57% saying Clinton won, as opposed to 34% for Trump

Trump's Daughter Was So Disgusted That She Wouldn't Kiss Him After The Debate

Trump Ignores Hillary Clinton And Attacks Paul Ryan The Day After Presidential Debate

By going after Paul Ryan, Donald Trump has lit the match that burns the Republican Party to the ground.

For the First Time Ever, Foreign Policy Magazine Endorses a Candidate: Hillary Clinton

“A Donald Trump presidency is among the greatest threats facing America, and the Republican standard-bearer is the worst major-party candidate for the job in U.S. history.”

that makes Trump the worst candidate for president in over 200 years of American history, since George Washington in 1789. If you want to be precise, that is 227 years and 44 presidents.

He is, as experts warn, a danger to not only US national security, but to global security.

Donald Trump's mission: Make Clinton's life hell for next month -

Donald Trump issued an unmistakable threat to Hillary Clinton Sunday night: I am willing to cross any line to make the next 30 days of your life hell.

Pro Athletes Say No One Talks Like Trump In Locker Rooms | Huffington Post

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