Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rethinking Education, Health And Entrepreneurship

Hillary Clinton taking the White House, the Senate and the House and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren beating the drums in the US Senate creates a perfect environment for a progressive agenda like has not been possible since the time of FDR. This is not about making the right noise, this is not about reckless tax and spend your way to utter powerlessness, this is not about whiny liberalism when you would rather be in opposition so you can sneer at power and take delight and get nothing done. This is about creating a new American majority and being the natural party of power for a generation.

I am for tax increases and tax cuts and closing the loopholes of corporate welfare. The most immediate thing America could do for global warming is stop subsidizing dirty energy.

A 65% death tax is of utmost importance. Everyone with a net worth of $5 million and above should take one look at Donald Trump and conclude "I don't want my children to end up like that" and eagerly agree to a 65% death tax. Love one another was never meant to stop with your family.

Health has to start with wellness. Industrialization is not the only thing America has messed up and brought the planet to the brink. The American antibiotics industry and the industrial scale agriculture industry and the media have colluded to kill half the gut bacteria of Americans. That is the number one reason Americans are so fat. Eating right is half of wellness. More fruits and vegetables is so important somebody named Michelle Obama could become president just on that agenda.

America should import as many yoga gurus from India as it has imported software engineers.

If Americans simply learned to walk more and talk more, that would go a long way. When someone is lonely they are more likely to overeat. Gluttony is sin. Because you are abusing a body that God created in His own image.

Americans were fat enough in 1980 but if Americans were to slim down to the obesity levels of 1980, America saves over a trillion dollars in health care. That is how you save Social Security and Medicare, by everybody slimming down.

By the time you turn 35, you should eat half of what you were eating before. By 45, it should be 50%.

But once you fall sick, you fall sick. Adding the public option was liberal fantasy when Obamacare was enacted, now it has become a national emergency. And expand Medicaid and Medicare. Enlarge the network of free health clinics. Fund them better. You want to get the best of Canada and America. The blend is the best.

Mental health has to be elevated to the same status as physical health. That is the right way to fight the war on drugs. But America is such a fundamentally racist country the resultant stress among African Americans alone gives rise to mental health issues. America has to cure racism like it has to cure obesity. The cure now exists.

Every father and mother on earth is but a foster father and foster mother. It takes a planet to raise a child. All children were created by God. No child should have to go hungry. Pre-K education has to be universal. Only strong families and strong communities can sustain strong schools, but strong schools can help foster strong families and strong communities. Faith is the glue that brings it all together. African Americans should learn gratitude and forgiveness more than anyone else if they want to get ahead of everyone else. The best prayers are prayers of gratitude.

Digital technologies have not been used enough in education to bring the costs dramatically down. Every textbook at school and college should be available online for free in PDF format. There should be online communities of students. All lectures should also be available in video format online for free.

Prices on education should be falling like prices on computers have fallen over the decades.  

And America should legalize the 16 million who are already here. You save a trillion dollars immediately if you do not round them up and deport them. Also, the American economy would quite literally collapse if you do somehow manage to deport them. America wanting to deport the 16 million is like a semi truck moving at 70 miles per hour saying, I am flying now, get rid of some of those wheels.

And bring in one to two million  new people every year. You don't want to create all sorts of high paying jobs and have no one to take them. Immigration is the only reason America is the number one economy. Immigration is the only available way to shore up Social Security and Medicare. Besides all world will become one country long before 2050.

America has a mission. That is a total spread of democracy. Instead of invading countries it should give immigrants voting rights. Irish immigrants used to vote in Boston as green card holders. America is not a white country of white immigrants. America is a country of immigrants, period.

Sin is sin. If you are poor and sinful, you are sinful. If you are rich and sinful, you are sinful. Donald Trump is an unrepentant sinner, a messenger of hate, a Pied Piper to what he calls "the poorly educated." And he is in good mood because he is going to milk that crowd all he can after November. He is going to build a TV network. Trump University was a fiscal scam. Trump TV is going to be a moral scam. The dude envisions peddling hate all the way to making a billion dollars, or so he thinks.

The Democrats should not give up on that crowd. The message should be, repent, let go of the hate, come to love. Love all your fellow human beings. Racism is sin. Sexism is sin.

This crowd most stands to benefit when the Universal Basic Income is enacted.

Women and minority populations could gradually break the corporate glass ceilings, but the faster way is to simply blow it all up through entrepreneurship. It is for the progressives in power to fight monopoly situations, and to bring forth the education and health paradigms of a knowledge economy, and to expand access to credit so more people can go into entrepreneurship.

2017 should be a great start to a great progressive year.  

America should consider spending 10% of its defense budget to connect every human being to the Internet. You can not bring everyone to America but you can take America to everyone.

Getting global warming right is super important. Global warming is proof humanity has not handled industrialization well. Only a humanity that can do right by climate change could truly harvest the technologies of the future. Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, biotechnology, all these are much deeper digs into nature than old industrialization. They could be much bigger disasters than global warming, but they don't have to be. They will not be if Universal Spiritual Centeredness is achieved. Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, biotechnology are all limited to the first four dimensions. God is the Ultimate Intelligence, the 10th dimension, the final dimension.

Barack Obama experienced racism from racist Republican Senators. Hillary Clinton should be prepared for some sexism on the global stage, to be blunted with the might of the most powerful political office on the planet. You should hear some of the things Duerte and Zhirinovsky are saying. Ordinary women around the world are watching with much hope. It is about them. 160 million women in America should wake up on behalf of the three and a half billion women out there.

Pro life is caring about every child on the planet at concrete policy levels. Microfinance is the magic bullet with which to touch two billion women. Did I say entrepreneurship? Put 10% of America's defense budget into microfinance.

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