Monday, October 03, 2016

Donald Trump Is No Hitler, And He Is No Joke

Donald Trump is no Adolf Hitler, he is Adolf Hitler times 1,000. Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is like comparing the atom bomb to the hand grenade.

To his credit Donald Trump has not hidden himself or his policy proposals. Take climate change. Trump does not only not believe it is not happening, he thinks America is Saudi Arabia. He wants to take oil drilling in America into the stratosphere. Drill, baby, drill. The best of climate scientists will tell you, the clock is ticking fast and there is such a thing called point of no return. Trump has the ability to throw the world off that cliff in eight years. Easy.

The point of no return is when global weather is completely out of control. It is a bye bye agriculture scenario. Six billion dead, but not exactly fasting to death.

Now tell me, how is Donald Trump like Adolf Hitler? How will six billion compare with six million?

The best of liberals think Donald Trump is a buffoon who is not even a policy wonk, meh! Hitler was similarly taken lightly all the way to after he won his election. There were fantassies of keeping him in control.

And if climate change will not do it, Trump has a nuclear plan, and he has been very upfront about it. His plan creates a world with 20 to 30 new nuclear powers. This guy is literally Lucifer's agent. Should the world survive a climate assault, his plan B is to try and destroy it anyway through a nuclear Armageddon. 20 to 30 mid size nuclear powers with unstable political situations is a disaster waiting to happen. The world gets nervous with just one Dennis Rodman fan in North Korea. What if you had 30 such dudes? Could you sleep?

His surest plan though is a total attack on trade. This guy is mad America did not experience a Great Depression in 2009. He would like to take another crack at it.

The first President Bush is looking to me like a hero right now, with all the Bush women in tow.

You are a political illiterate of the worst kind, no matter what your party, if you don't see this guy for the fascist he is. This is not partisan name calling. If I am a democrat, I am a small d democrat. This is political analysis.

Brexit is Trump on trade. Don't say it could not happen. There is a President Trump in Philippines (yes, an American ally) who would like to kill three million people. 3,000 down, killed without regard to due process. By the way, he won an election. The fascist virus has mutated. It contests elections now.

To top it all, Trump has also threatened to gag the press once in the White House. Unthinkable in America? Germany was a country of high culture. Hitler barbarism was not expected. Heck, it was unthinkable.

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