Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sexism Is Not Gravity, Sexism Is Sin

We might understand how women come to feel that there are no good options available to them: that sexism is as fixed as gravity, and so working with it, never against it, is the only thing we can do. 

Sexism is not gravity. Sexism is not a law of nature. Sexism was never the Creator's intention. Gravity is a law and it is in the physical world. There sexism isn't. It is in the human domain. It is in the domain of human free will.

All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That is the starting point. That eternal spiritual truth it is God's hope humanity at some point will completely realize. All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That is a statement on the soul. There are no genders in heaven. Gender is not a feature of the spirit world. Gender is peculiar to earth, to this four dimension physical world.

Gender is the most fundamental human diversity, more so than racial and cultural diversity. Diversity is a feature. And it is total. Every human being is unique like fingerprints.

Sexism is sin. Racism is sin.

This presidential election is a wonderful opportunity, first time in world history, for the women of America to take the lead on behalf of the women across the globe to put to rest the notion that sexism is gravity. Sexism is not gravity. Sexism is a social illness. It is a disease. Sexism drags everybody down, not just women.

Barack Obama was about 500 years of world history. Hillary Clinton is about 5,000 years of world history.

But let there be no illusions. Putting one woman into the White House will not end sexism. Eight years of Barack Obama and Trump has brought racism out into the open like never before. Putting one woman into the White House will not end sexism. But 160 million women waking up is going to end the sexism. America is a democracy and the power is with citizens.

Barack Obama went in before Hillary Clinton. That is a good thing, tactically speaking. Being president does not protect you from sexism and Hillary needed to see that. President Hillary Clinton will have no choice but to confront global sexism. That is a good thing. Domestic violence is the number one security threat on the planet and has been a long time. That can not continue.

Somebody running for president flagrantly defending and encouraging rape, a sex crime, is an animal, forget being a presidential candidate. This guy is absolutely disgusting and the women of America need to vote. 95% of blacks voted for Barack Obama. Why aren't at least 80% of the women supporting Hillary Clinton? Because plenty of women defend sexism. That is the only reason why. A lot of blacks defended segregation when it was law.

Fighting that internalized sexism is a fight you have to fight yourself. No president, not even God can fight that fight for you. Because that is in the domain of human free will.

Mother Mary desires gender equality on earth. Sexism is sin. No unrepentant sexist is a Christian. Racism is similarly sin.

All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. Now that is gravity.

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