Sunday, October 02, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Political Genius

Trump has a challenge with white women: 'You just want to smack him'

“You just want to smack him,” said Pam Harrison, 56, who voted for Republican Mitt Romney four years ago.

“I have always voted Republican, but I don’t feel like I could vote for Trump this year,” Rosanna Koehlert, 58, a college graduate and housewife, said as she shopped the other day in Merrimack, N.H. “He shouldn’t be making fun of people and making them self-conscious about the way they look. That’s not what a president should be.”

One of the campaign’s most recent ads, called “Mirrors,” depicts girls looking at their reflections as Trump is heard talking crudely about women’s bodies.

And I have been waiting for the women of America to get excited about the first female president idea. Does not matter who. If someone is within striking distance, go vote, it's about time. It's been only 200 plus years.

But no, what seems to rile women is the body image thing, more than even the sexism of getting interrupted.

Fat shaming, no, no, Trump, no, no, you simply don't go there. The women of the land are offended.

I am moving Hillary Clinton from the overqualified to the political genius category.

But jokes aside, I think women are being strategic. I predicted months ago women will break in Hillary's direction about two weeks before election day. That is strategic thinking. Women are not like black people who might inhabit an alternate universe. Women mostly cohabit with men. You probably don't want the men of America to wake up on November 9 thinking, I think my woman just turned the tables on me. A coup has been pulled. It is easier digestion if instead the posture is, I don't care for Hillary, especially with all that you read about the emails, but I be damned if I let that grumpy man make fun of my body! You know what I mean?  

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