Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Trump is the GOP idea of fireworks. All sorts of explosions are going on. It is quite a dazzling display.

If a chimpanzee were to threaten to grab your genitals, male or female, how would you feel? That is how the women of America are feeling right now. The sentiment is legitimate.

Trump is an unrepentant sinner on full public display. Parents across America could make use of this after all. Teach kids not to be the unrepentant sinner on full public display. That is the silver lining to the cloud.  

Lie, cheat, steal, Trump does it all. The list does not end there. He is also a fast food glutton. Adultery was how he ended his first marriage and started the second. And he wants to kill people in large numbers, like Duerte.

Pride is his middle name: Donald P Trump.

He is Lucifer's very own agent. He preaches, hate your neighbor (Mexico).

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