Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Debate 2: Trump In Character

When Trump’s lewd tapes came out (and I am not sure lewd is the word, he is heard describing acts that are felony acts)  his reaction was to blame it on Hillary Clinton, just like he blamed his birther movement on Hillary Clinton.

The blame was not that it was Hillary's voice on the tape. The insinuation was that Hillary 2016 had something to do with the tapes coming out into the public, clearly not the case. This is no different from Hillary getting blamed for an ambassador getting killed.

This guy wrongly blames Hillary 2016 instead of taking responsibility. There never was an apology. Instead there was a non apology boys will be boys indignation.

But then once he blames Hillary he does not go after Hillary, he goes after Bill Clinton. He parades four ugly women. Even if all allegations against Bill Clinton were true, let's assume Bill Clinton did turn the Arkansas river north, why would you blame Hillary? That goes against the basics of rule of law.

Blaming Hillary for what the Al Qaeda did is as sexist as it gets. Blaming Hillary for what Bill Clinton supposedly did is sexist. Blaming Hillary for what the Al Qaeda did is terrible foreign policy, it is a political Selma trial. It is the most self defeating way to fight the war on terrorism.

At one point in 1991 when Bill Clinton was trying to surface he had to adopt the strategy of talking to small radio stations because Big Media on the East Coast simply would not take him seriously. Before Bill Clinton even Democrat presidents used to be born with silver spoons.

Mathematics is capable of explaining all natural phenomena. The irrational attacks the Clintons attract can only be explained through the branch of mathematics called irrational numbers. There is no rhyme or reason to why the next number decided to show up.

I think it is time for progressives to realize the political culture in this country needs to be fixed, and yes campaign finance reform is a big part of it, but what the Clintons have faced is classism. They don't have the right backgrounds. They should not have aspired for high office. That is the suggestion. Otherwise Donald Trump is in the gutter and the media does not seem to care.

Character of course matters. Vetting is due process. Ideas, policy proposals, execution matter. But there is so much small minded mindlessness in the political process, it likely keeps a lot of good people away. And that is by design. A lot of progressives decide to stay away from the mud.
Trump's tapes were not doctored unlike a Bill Clinton tape in 1992 that was doctored. And that was back then. There is so much Bill Clinton talk on YouTube today you could cut and paste portions and have him say anything. But Trump’s tapes were not doctored. The thing is, why was this the last straw for some Republicans?

Donald Trump grabbed every Mexican dick on the planet in his very announcement speech. That was more than 16 months ago. Why were not Republicans offended? Do Mexican lives not matter? The guy said all Mexicans are rapists by virtue of being Mexican. That is racist demonization.  

That racism is his very ideology. He has no other.

And then a few short months ago during the Commander In Chief forum which many thought of as the first debate the guy basically said rapes in the military were justified and expected. What else should women expect if they choose to serve? Why was that not the last straw?

These recently leaked audio tapes are nothing different from what Trump has been saying at rallies for 16 months. There is no need to leak anything. Just play his recorded public speeches from this campaign.

The shock reaction is confounding. The shock is to the tanking poll numbers not to Donald Trump's behavior. Trump’s behavior has been consistently bad, boorish, nasty, sexist, racist, you name it.

The political culture has to morph after thoroughly defeating this insanely offensive candidate. This guy has no redeemable quality. Not even God can help sinners who can't repent and this guy utterly lacks the capacity.  

Racism is sin, takes you straight to hell.

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