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If Hillary Can't Confront Donald Trump

If Hillary Clinton can't confront Donald Trump she can't confront the dictators around the world, plain and simple. Trump is a fascist, a sociopath with enormous bad manners.

But we saw in the third debate Hillary absolutely can confront Donald Trump. This was my favorite of the three debates. I saw Hillary go for the kill.

My definition of success is Hillary taking the House. And the way to take the House is to go on the attack. And she did.

You can not shy from the evil and the ugly. You have to take it head on. Hillary did. She took Trump head on.

I also thought she looked great. Of all the colors she wears, and she wears many colors, I think white looks best on her.

Men are much less imaginative in the colors they wear. Red tie? Trump probably wears one in bed. The guy is monotonous.

I think this debate worked much better than the second one because Donald Trump was not allowed to walk around the stage. That is the prescription. Cage Donald Trump and you will have a decent country. Build a wall around the guy.

On issues, I think everyone with a coal job today can be shifted to solar installation jobs and there would be a shortage of workers. And these jobs would be all over the country instead of just near the coal mines.

What has been most confounding to me in this election is on climate change Trump has basically been saying let's turn the entire planet into one big gas chamber. Where is the outrage? Hitler has nothing on this guy. Hitler is a hand grenade to this guy's atom bomb.

This guy wants to jail opponents, silence the press and build gas chambers. Such thoughts used to be limited to extreme fringes. What has become of America? Where is the sanity?

Bill Clinton gave the longest economic expansion on record and record surpluses because of NAFTA. But the mistake that was made was half that surplus should have been ploughed into investing in human capital, namely education and health, to prepare Americans for the next generation of higher paying jobs. That was not done. Don't blame that on NAFTA.

The precise people who voted for the party that absolutely got in the way of a $3 trillion stimulus in 2009 (which was every literate economist's prescription) and thus prevented a quicker recovery are now complaining there was not a quick recovery. And are threatening to vote for the same party all over again.

Trump is a pickpocket who came out of nowhere to capitalize on the situation. Look fire, he is saying, so you look the other way, so he can pick your pocket, give himself and his super rich golf buddies a massive tax cut. And the people whose pockets will get picked are rooting for him in large numbers. Whatever happened to common sense?

This guy might hate Mexicans but he absolutely intends harm on poor white folks.

Trump is a disaster train nobody should have to ride on. America's enemies would wish Trump on America.

Good thing this thing will be over in a few weeks. If this guy is allowed to run for president for just three additional months the stock market would crash. Never before has America been in a situation where some dude could start wars simply by running for president.

Who is this guy? Really.

Trump's recorded sexist talks that have been revealed is what the glass ceiling is, folks. The glass ceiling is sexist bonding around sexist words. That is precisely what it is. What do you think the glass ceiling is? You think it is gorilla glass like on the iPhone? No, the glass ceiling is chimpanzee glass, it is Donald Trump saying sexist things and getting away with it.

In hindsight now Hillary's tanking numbers in August now look like a blessing. And by tanking I mean it was down to a dead heat.

Now she is in double digits and can take 100% of the credit. This is the way it should be. Her rising confidence levels show she is feeling the love.

Democracy works after all. The American democracy is resilient enough to process a fascist and spit him out. American democracy will emerge stronger after all has been said and done.

As they say in soccer, this has been a hattrick. Hillary has won three debates in a row.

Third Debate Video

Hillary Clinton, Mocking and Taunting in Debate, Turns the Tormentor

Republicans despondent that Trump threw away final debate - POLITICO

Steve Schmidt, who guided John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, said Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting election results would overshadow any strong moments he had.

“It’s the one and only headline that matters coming out of the debate,” said Schmidt. “It’s absolutely unprecedented for any presidential candidate in the history of the country.”

Trump tweets at 3 a.m. that he won debate - POLITICO

Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins - Vox

And it’s not just the presidential race. Betting markets now predict Democrats will win the Senate. Polls have started showing Democrats in striking distance of the House. The GOP has collapsed into a mid-election civil war, with the party’s presidential nominee openly battling the speaker of the House.

Trump’s meltdown wasn’t an accident. The Clinton campaign coolly analyzed his weaknesses and then sprung trap after trap to take advantage of them.

Clinton’s successful execution of this strategy has been, fittingly, the product of traits that she’s often criticized for: her caution, her overpreparation, her blandness. And her particular ability to goad Trump and blunt the effectiveness of his political style has been inextricable from her gender. The result has been a political achievement of awesome dimensions, but one that Clinton gets scarce credit for because it looks like something Trump is doing, rather than something she is doing — which is, of course, the point.

It began in the first debate. "Donald," she kept saying. No one quite knows why Trump so loathes the sound of his first name, but he does. 

Each debate has followed the same pattern. Trump begins calm, but as Clinton needles him, he falls apart, gets angrier, launches bizarre personal attacks, offers rambling justifications for his own behavior, and loses the thread of whatever question was actually asked of him.

 her assault on Trump flummoxed his usual mode of defense, which is to dominate and insult the other men on the stage. By the end of the final debate, Trump was reduce to spitting that Clinton was "such a nasty woman," a line that spoke to both his horror at being challenged by a woman and his complete inability to control what came out of his mouth after 80 minutes on a stage with Clinton.

Trump has been, at every turn, underprepared, undisciplined, and operating completely without a strategy. In one of the third debate’s most unintentionally revealing moments, Trump said, "I sat in my apartment today ... watching ad after false ad, all paid for by your friends on Wall Street," an inadvertent admission that he was inhaling cable news when he should have been prepping for the debate.

Clinton has been, at every turn, prepared, disciplined, and coldly strategic. She triggered Trump’s epic meltdown purposely, and kept Trump off balance over multiple weeks that probably represented his last chance to turn the election around. She was ready for every question, prepared for every attack, and managed to goad Trump into making mistakes that became the main story the day after every single debate.

We aren’t used to this kind of victory. We aren’t used to candidates winning not so much because of how they performed but because of how they pushed their opponent into performing. But the fact that we aren’t used to this kind of victory doesn’t make it any less impressive. Hillary Clinton has humbled Donald Trump, and she did it her way.

With 19 days to go, Clinton’s lead is bigger than ever | Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball

there are some surprising conservative places where he is registering very thin, soft support.

He’s barely ahead in some polls of Alaska, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas 

Seriously, did you ever even for a second think Utah would be a Toss-up in late October? 

The Trump campaign’s Arizona crisis reminds us in some ways of how John McCain’s 2008 campaign ended up losing Indiana. Because McCain was at a resource disadvantage against Obama — just like Trump is now outmanned against Clinton — the 2008 nominee could hardly spare any resources to protect Indiana, a typically red state where Obama vastly out-organized and out-spent him. Obama was able to very narrowly flip the state.

Today’s changes push Clinton to 352 electoral votes, the highest we’ve had her in the whole election cycle

BuzzFeed CEO: I Heard Ivanka Trump Talk About "Mulatto Cocks"

Ivanka Trump distances herself from father’s campaign: ‘I’m not a surrogate, I’m a daughter’

“Perhaps due to her beauty, serene composure, and ability to translate her father’s half-literate ramblings into semi-coherent policy proposals, Ivanka Trump has remained unscathed by her father’s 16-month effort to ruin the family name,” Kirchick wrote this week. “Which is inexplicable, because all that Ivanka’s involvement in this campaign has revealed is that she’s the pretty face of a white nationalist political movement, a truly bizarre place for a University of Pennsylvania-educated, Upper East Side doyenne to wind up.”

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