Sunday, October 23, 2016


There are a few people surrounding Donald Trump who, for their own reasons, have chosen to step in front of the bus of his campaign—his wife, Melania, for one, and even Rudy Giuliani. They arguably didn’t have much to lose, and stood to gain significantly, if things had worked out. The one person who does appear to have a great deal at stake in terms of reputation and personal ambition in Trump’s flame-throwing final stand is Ivanka Trump.

She embraced the family philosophy of turning everything into an opportunity for personal enrichment; the morning after she introduced her father at the Republican National Convention, shebroadcast on Twitter an image of herself wearing one of her fashion label’s dresses on the stage with the exhortation: “Shop Ivanka’s look from her #RNC speech.”

She went on to say that nothing could prepare a person to be the child of a Presidential candidate, and that the media has been “vicious” to her and her family. It was hard not to feel a bit sorry for her when she described being followed by a pack of photographers on the way to drop her children at school in the morning. Ivanka said that she often didn’t recognize the person—her father—the press portrayed.

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