Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald Trump’s Words Create And Sustain The Glass Ceiling

Donald Trump’s words matter and they matter completely. The glass ceiling Hillary is about to break is composed entirely of such words. Of course the words matter. They are words of sexist bonding. They are sickening.

A female population that has found the idea of the first female president a little too abstract has finally found something to clutch onto and I am glad. Trump grabbing their genitals without permission is finally getting the message across. Women are rightfully offended. Plenty of men are offended. Why aren't all women offended?

Electing the first female president is not just about advancing one woman's political career. It is actually nothing to do with that one woman. It is going after every glass ceiling, the glass ceiling in Congress, the glass ceiling in the justice system, the glass ceiling in the media, the glass ceiling in the Fortune 500 companies, the glass ceiling in Hollywood, the glass ceiling in venture capital and tech entrepreneurship, the glass ceilings in India, and China, and Russia, and Japan, Africa, and, yes, Mexico. It has been long enough.

Sexism drags men down. Sexism drags women down. Sexism is a major drag, period.  

It is not accidental that Hillary Clinton is so qualified. She is super duper qualified. She is, frankly, over qualified. Average and below average men can get in and men down in the gutter can aspire but for women only being the most qualified candidate in history seems to count still. It is unfair but I will take it this one time. I hope the next woman president does not have to be this qualified.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. Citizens have to actively participate on a sustained basis for them to be able to see fundamental changes. And now is a remarkable opportunity to do so. Get involved and stay involved. Go vote. Stay engaged.

160 million women in America have to wake up for the three and a half billion women across the world. Genitals are being grabbed without permission in numbers that are absolutely confounding and offensive and wrong. Trump is defending all that sinful, criminal action.

Shame on Donald Trump. Unrepentant sinner that he is, of course he is irredeemable. Not even God can save those who don't repent. Sexism is sin. Racism is sin. All human beings have been created equal by the Creator.

The guy accuses Hillary of his sins. He blamed his birther movement on Hillary. He said Hillary Clinton is filled with hate. He accused Hillary of lying.

This guy has threatened to silence the media. He has now threatened to put his political opponent in jail. Idi Amin has come to America. This guy tops every fascist in history in terms of how close he is to power and how much damage he could do.

American airports are not Third World but one of its presidential candidates is. And I think I just offended the Third World, Duerte aside.  

This guy is not a Third World candidate. This is a candidate from hell, Lucifer's very own agent. And I mean that quite literally. The number one agenda item of this Climate Change denier is to push the planet past the point of no return. He could very easily achieve that goal in eight years, or less. Adolf Hitler has nothing on this guy. This is a hate machine that has lost control.  

And if this hate machine has 35% support across America that makes America quite a sinful country. Hate is not God's way.

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