Sunday, October 02, 2016

This Election Is About Body Language, Not Policy

I finally figured it out. I have been running around like a headless chicken trying to counter Trump on policy. But that has been a fool's errand. This election is not about policy. Trump has no policy proposals whatsoever. Tax cuts for the rich is not policy. It is the natural order of things. The rich are called rich for a reason. All money is their money. We are to merely borrow some once in a while.

Trump is a coward. He is so scared of ISIS he is hiding all his policy proposals under his mattress, to be revealed at some midnight hour at a much later date, while ISIS sleeps with the fishes. It is rumored there is an urban renewal proposal under his mattress.

So if this election is not about policy. It hit me after a few days of the first debate. Duh! It has been about body language all along.

For example, when Trump sniffs like he was sniffing coke (scariface) how do you feel? If you are Cuban you might even take pride in it.

When Trump (Da Man) interrupts Hillary (That Woman) every minute for half an hour, how do you feel? That question is not as easy as you think. If he had not done that half his support base would have evaporated.

When Trump stakes a claim to the country's leadership, to his credit, he never pretended it was anything about knowledge or competence. He has always claimed it as some kind of a birthright. Just watch his body language. Could Hillary match that body language? Will she at least attempt a show of a sense of entitlement?

Could you maintain a scowling pouting face for 90 minutes? I know I couldn't. But could Hillary? That is the question.

Could you wear a blue tie, a color you have never worn?

Could you look down when you are supposed to look up, and vice versa?

During the next debate I am going to pay more (nay, all) attention to body language.

Trump supporters think he won the first debate, so much so that they quickly organized to swamp all online polls at all major media sites. Why do you think they think Trump won? Body language. Trump’s body language speaks to his base completely.

The guy has taken a hit of 800 million dollars to his wealth this past year. The foot traffic to his businesses is down substantially. He is dedicated to his cause. The cause is body language. Pay attention to the body language.

Women, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims might do the same and end up with entirely different conclusions. But then that's the point. Chances are you are not part of his base.

This is a body language election, first and foremost. This is not a public policy election. I finally figured it out. So when Trump grunts, you have to understand, he is appealing to his base.

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