Sunday, October 02, 2016


Trump has a challenge with white women: 'You just want to smack him'

For months now, Clinton’s advertisements have used Trump’s own words to undermine his character. 

I just found out about this. That Hillary 2016 has been using "Trump’s own words to undermine his character."

This is unfair. How could they? Granted the poll numbers are tight, but this is a little uncalled for.

I support Hillary, but I expect her to play fair.

Also, what was that thing about the mic? I believe Trump. He did sound harsh. I just did not realize it was the mic.

A liberal media might do that, provide the newly conservative candidate a bad mic.

Or the bad mic might have been planted by Fox News. So a bad debate performance can be blamed on the mic.

Whoever did it, it is unfair, it is unfair to the process.

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